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People, patients,papers who takes precedence?


Daily morning papers into Stornoway appear to take precedence at CnES transportation committee meetings this week when daily papers into Stornoway were the subject of an urgent item - one that was too late for the committee agenda - but the shambolic inter island timetable did not make that agenda.

Orkney and Shetland appear to have maintained air services to their outlying islands but our council, leading on the Our Islands Our Future debate gives no consideration to air transport links south of the Sound of Harris.

Even the Ullapool Inverness bus link gets more debating time in the chamber.

I am writing in support of Mr Morrison's letter who brought the issue of shambolic timetables to light as there had been no consultation with service users.

I am not sure how many officials travelling to Benbecula for meetings want to depart Stornoway at 7.40am and arrive in Benbecula at 8.10am!

Back to the drawing board or hand responsibility to the Scottish government to give Uist and Barra a decent inter island air service!

Jessie M MacNeil



Letter:  Council failing on air services

5 March 2017