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Loganair has been urged to not to increase plane fares on the Glasgow route after its sole competitor withdrew from the service.


Lower than expected demand for the Flybe venture sees Loganair winning a monopoly position as the only airline serving the islands.


MSP Alasdair Allan stressed: “I very much hope that Flybe’s competitor, Loganair, will now ensure there is the capacity that their island customers need, and stay away from the option of increasing fares.


“I will be writing to Loganair to seek assurances on this very point.”


Alasdair Allan said both companies were seemingly focused on “pushing each other off this route, rather than on providing islanders with a wider choice of times of the day to fly at.”


The council is also calling on Loganair to peg seat prices at affordable levels.


Council transport spokesman Uisdean Robertson said: "We will obviously seek to now work closely with Loganair to ensure that the levels of service and affordability of fares on the route are, as much as possible, maintained to the current levels.”

A major area of interest for the comhairle is the airline’s plans for the replacement of their fleet over the next ten years.

The council is seeking clarification on how the development may impact on these plans.

Both politicians welcomed the “significant improvements” to the Stornoway - Aberdeen air service.


Loganair urged not to hike air fares

6 February 2018