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Island motorists are being advised to take care while driving on a stretch of road between Leurbost and Keose junction on Lewis.


Accidents have occurred in the area - known locally as the Soval bends - with the road surface being slippery and hazardous even when driving at a safe speed in good weather conditions.


A couple whose vehicle went off the road would like to thank every one who stopped to help in the aftermath of their accident.


Mark and Cathy McHale from Ness were badly shaken when their car went off the carriageway in the latest crash at the accident blackspot.


Mr McHae said they were especially grateful to people who stopped to help including the Landrover driver who was first on the scene, the man who helped with their dog and the couple who remained with them for the duration the whole incident.



Motorists warned over accident blackspot

16 January 2017