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After reading the press releases from the Conservatives (19th Feb) and the Labour Party (16th Feb), they obviously believe the electorate are gullible and ill-informed. When it comes to being out of touch with the people and reality the Conservatives win it hands down. Tory-led Bath Council claim a family can be fed for £10 per week, unbelievable.


Tory MSP, Duncan Cameron would have us believe that the Tories care about the NHS. He complains about GP funding, this from a man who whole heartedly supports excessive austerity depriving the NHS of money. He and his party have continually cut funding for essential public services year on year. There are over 100,000 NHS posts in England needing filled, this will more than double post Brexit.


The Tories would sooner privatise the NHS and charge patients for GP consultations than fund it. We only have to look at the failing Tory controlled NHS in England. Maybe the large number of Tory politicians who have invested in private health providers tells its own story.


Labour MSP Rhoda Grant tells us we need a second ferry on the Stornoway - Ullapool run. No one would dispute the benefit a second ferry would bring. Sadly up until 2016, she and the Labour Party have campaigned and supported cuts to the Scottish budget. The same budget which pays for ferry services. This is a case of wanting your cake and eat it. When asked how Labour would raise the money, their response was to continue the austerity through unaffordable taxation.

Unionist politicians - like Ms Grant and Mr Cameron whose loyalties lie with their London based parties - are more committed to the needs of the people in the south of England. We only have to look at how their attitude towards Brexit has completely changed. The economic needs of Scotland are all but abandoned.


Archie Harper

27 Shulishader

Isle of Lewis


Letter: Unionists “abandoning” Scotland’s economic needs  

25 February 2018